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Most Palone

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What's up guys I'm Mostimpresive (so many other names, but yeah). I'm a fun gamer who is mostly hysterically humorous, but I can get competitive and serious very fast. I'm a Catholic and I express it very openly often, even non-directly about the religion I spread good, love, and I rarely get inappropriate and never curse (admittedly I am immature at times though, but RESPONSIBLE is what matters).

SE: I am Duemos, I am the very doom that is impending on you, if you are my friend you can expect a powerful ally with it, otherwise you will become one with the impending doom and the Void, I will strike at night when you least expect it and there will be no stopping it, and oh yeah, *draws out hidden blade* don't mess with anybody I protect.
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It's not spamming if it makes sense.

Except the only thing that makes sense is pancakes.

And you can't spam pancakes.

But you can put Spam on pancakes.

But then it won't be the spam you wanted.

It'll be a dissapointment.

Just like you to your parents.

They'd trade you for Spam.

Without pancakes.