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Former Members

The following people are no longer with our clan and have been officially retired from the roster. Those former members in red were major members of the clan during their time.


*The list above is ordered by retiring date

MVM's (Most Valuable Member's)

MVM is an annual award that is awarded to the member that received the most MotM's(Member of the Month) that year. The MVM is noted for contributions and activity.

Table of all The Air Force's Most Valuable Members:

2009: {AF}CoLdr.Slicer

2010: {AF}Elt.117

2011: -=AF=-Ldr.Bull (Bullrancor)

2012: -=AF=-Ldr.Duemos (mostimpresive)

2013: -=AF=-Ldr.NobleSheep

2014: -=AF=-Ldr.Garuda

2015: -=AF=-fireballgazer

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2009 - Originally there was no MVM for the year 2009, (the clan only ran for three months that year) but Slicer was retroactively awarded MVM by Niner for 2009.

2010 - 117 was the obvious choice for 2010, as he was and still is arguably the most mystical and acclaimed member that has joined. Niner continues to search for information on 117 in some of his free time.

2011 - In 2011, there were several great members who could have won, but between the finalists Alex and Bullrancor, Bull won the MVM for 2011. Bull is one of the many members that have retired but maintains a good friendship with the leaders.

2012 - 2012 was a very inactive year, but Mostimpresive (known as Duemos for most of the year in the clan) earned the MVM. Mostimpresive now serves as a leader in the clan 4 years later, a testament to his loyalty.

2013 - As one of the pioneers of the rebooted -=AF=-, NobleSheep was the most active member of the clan and one of Niner & Slicer's closest friends in it. NobleSheep quit the clan just before the MVM was decided, but it was still awarded due to his contributions.

2014 - Garuda's long-deserved MVM title was bestowed upon him for 2014. As another one of the clan's longest-standing members, Garuda's contributions helped form the clan into something of substance, most notably in the transition from the outdated and less-effective Webs to the gaming-geared and up-to-date Shivtr. And his sarcastic wit always makes for a chuckle.

2015 - Literally no one else in the clan was able to match the amount of activity fireballgazer had on the site. It made people wonder just how much free time he had...


- Denotes MVM's that are officially retired and no longer active


War #1 -=AF=- VS -DEAD- (FUNWAR) [Garuda was the only one who knew what he was doing RIP]